I went to see Dear  as I was carrying a lot of anger, pain, resentment and sadness. I thought she would wave her magic wand and rid me of all those horrid feelings. However, growth in this life is a process and Dear with her kindness, patience and deep soul tools, led me to places I never dared go before. Once I recognized the source of these negative vibrations, I started to let them go. I feel so much lighter. Those spaces have been replaced by love and forgiveness. I have so much gratitude to Dear for guiding me thru the darkness. Especially for teaching me to transform the negative energy into positive. I know I’m on the road to enlightenment and for that I will be forever grateful to you dear Phanrutai. 

J. St Paul Bay


It has always baffled me how on earth could a therapist ask questions to the patient to access the subconscious mind, thus assisting the personality to attain more self-confidence, be more in touch with intuitive awareness, and utilise the mind power to live one's life in a better manner. When I have met Dear, who manages techniques such as Transformational Breath, it had been obvious that a metamorphosis about how I was utilising my mental resources was enriching my life. Effective communication, even with personalities that are considered difficult, became easier. I started to feel that I was somewhat more approachable, and that conflicts could have been resolved equitably without much ado.

I really feel that Dear has a talent which makes her a true gift to humanity, especially to individuals who could be suffering from any complexes, limiting beliefs, or any other mental state that could hinder the proper development of a healthy and winning personality.

Enrico Tisseri. Sliema

 My experience with Dear. I find all sessions fruitful. Every single session is easy, interesting and encouraging. Dear is a very caring person who does not look at the oneself but at the difficulty or issue she can help with. I can say that since I met Dear she has become one of the very few people I feel so safe with. Her love for others is incredible and her patience and positivity are a amazing.

L. Naxxar 

I have been going for breath work for the last 6 months to treat my depression, I have tried different types of therapy in the past but I have to say this is the best. It's has helped me to understand myself, I have learned to deal with my old negative pattern and let go of the past. I'm now in pace with myself. I highly recommended it.

Lis, Sliema

 The work that I did with Dear was great and helped me in many ways. I see that I am able to reflect more and be more confident with myself as I remind myself. It pushed me through to see clearly when I was struggling. Dear was very supportive in her ways and very helpful. 

Yas, Xemxija

" I particularly praise your sacredness towards all life, all forms of healing, and the effort, time and energy you put into your therapy practice"

Lucien, Pisa