Regression Therapy


You are not your past. The past should not restrict your future

Everybody has memories buried deep inside in the subconscious mind that play a significant role in their lives. Some have experienced events that were unpleasant, painful or difficult to cope with. These memories may have been pushed out of the conscious mind, remaining hidden in the subconscious. This can be traumatic and hard or even impossible to recall. 

Through Regression Therapy we aim to help the client open the door to the subconscious mind.

Regression Therapy is a therapeutic technique to recover events from the past. It can help to access any point of your life, from birth, in the womb or in a past life. By recalling specific details from a significant event that been partly or totally forgotten you can begin to understand, release and remove negative patterns and beliefs. These may have been developed on an unconscious level, creating destructive behaviours, relationship problems, irrational fears, phobias and chronic illnesses.

How Regression Therapy works?


Free yourself from the past


Through Regression Therapy we revisit earlier memories and experiences which are stored away in the subconscious, influencing our behaviours and beliefs and affecting many areas of our lives. 

It aims to find the core of the issues, bringing new perspectives, releasing guilt and shame, removing fears and phobias and healing the individual. Regression can include current life, past lives or both.

Regression therapy is a very healing and transformative process for personal growth, releasing you from patterns of thought and behaviour that no longer benefit you and reinforcing the positive ones that do.