Past Life Regression


What if you are carrying karmic relationships from past lives

We are carrying memories from past lives in our subconscious mind.

Exploring an experience from another life allows you to uncover events, patterns, agreements and contracts that may have been made and gives you an opportunity to renew or release it. This creates inner peace and gives you more compassion for yourself and others.

Past life regression is a therapeutic technique to re-experience and assess the events of past memories and incarnations. Accessing the soul perspective of life issues allows you to gain an understanding and awareness about past or current experiences, removing blocks from the past. This enables conflicts from the past that have been distorting our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives to be resolved.

People try past life regression for different reasons such as wanting greater understanding of their current lives, to reframe negative feelings and perceptions, to eliminate fear and anxiety from past traumas, to reclaim a skill or talent or simply just out of curiosity.

How Past Life Regression Works?


By utilizing relaxation and hypnosis techniques and guided visualization to induce a trance state you enter a deeper state of awareness allowing you to experience your subconscious memories and observe them objectively.

Whilst in the deep trance state you are fully aware of the present moment, you are always

in control and are free at all times to decide whether you would like to remain in the hypnotic state or not.

Experiencing Past Life

Everyone experiences regression differently. Some may have a flashed fixed picture while others can experience memories as vividly as a movie. Some will have a sense of knowing, hearing sounds, noticing physical feelings such as smell or taste. Some may experience a combination of those senses. You may feel the real emotions and the memories become clear again.