Parts Therapy


Have you ever experienced inner conflicts?

 What if you can resolve inner conflicts and reconnect with you inner power!


Our personalities are all composed of many different parts which are all aspects of the subconscious. Each part has its own function, purpose and behaviour. 

The conflict between the different parts can cause confusion, difficulty and creates the block that is holding you back from achieving your goals or desired outcomes.

Each of us has the fundamental parts of the self which are physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. Each one of these parts has many sub personalities.

In Part Therapy we believe that the client’s inner self can resolve inner conflict. Our inner minds have all the answers and know best how to resolve conflict in a harmonious and healthy way. This can help you to move toward your goal. It is a very empowering process as a solution comes from your inner wisdom.

How Part Therapy works?


Your inner wisdom has the best answer


Through deep relaxation and hypnotic technique your mind will be in a deep, relaxed, trance state, where your conscious and subconscious are able to communicate. 

You can find the conflicting parts and communicate with them directly. This helps you to identify and address the cause(s) and purpose or reasoning behind the behaviour or issue. You come to understand and reach a solution through your inner self, getting the parts to work together. Through compromise, healing and interaction, you will integrate those parts and transform them to create an achievable outcome for your benefit.

Part therapy is a therapeutic process, working to release repressed emotions, helping you to improve your self-confidence and discover your own inner power providing long term results.