Bio Energy Healing


It really works!


Bio-Energy Healing is a gentle, completely natural energy healing technique which powerfully and effectively rebalances the energy flow within the body. Any energy blockages present are eliminated, allowing the body's own healing processes to operate.

Many illnesses are caused by negative emotions, mental stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, anger and trauma. Others are caused by accidents or injuries, all of which can influence the natural flow of the body’s Bio Energy Field. 

Bio Energy healing treats the root cause of illness. It has been known to successfully treat: anxiety, depression, fatigue, stress, fertility issues, urinary bladder infections, eczema, skin rashes, migraines, lower back, shoulder, neck and physical pain in the body. However Bio-Energy Healing is not limited to treating specific conditions because the focus is on the cause of the illness; the blocked energy in the Bio-Field. Much like a river, the energy flows by itself. The job of the Bio-Energy Practitioner is to remove blocks, assisting the energy to flow more freely through the body. 


Trust The Vibes You Get, Energy Doesn't Lie

The Process


Are you ready to be healed.


Bio-Energy Healing can be very relaxing and enjoyable to receive; a rejuvenating gift for the body, mind and spirit.

It begins by relaxing the client in order to stimulate the life-force energy and to increase the energy flow, bringing blockages in their energy field to the surface. Once the blocks in the Bio-Field have been identified, different Bio-Energy Healing techniques are used to release them and re-establish the natural flow of energy. When the flow of energy is restored we balance, energise, and ground the client’s energy field before completing the treatment.

During a session the client may feel temperature changes, tingling sensations and also swaying or movement of the body. After the session some clients immediately begin to feel remarkable changes in their health. Others become more aware of their illness for a few days as their body starts to release years of stagnant energy. Clients may also notice very little happening initially but find their illnesses disappear over the weeks following the sessions.

There is very little physical contact and the treatment is completely safe to use for all conditions. The client remains fully clothed removing only their shoes and any metal objects.

The majority of the treatment is given with the client in a standing position with a shorter portion in a seated position, or as the client requires. Clients may be asked to stand or sit down at different stages of the session depending on the techniques used.

The course of treatments will depend upon the needs of the individual. A typical Bio-Energy Healing treatment takes place over four consecutive weeks with a follow up session after one month or over four consecutive days, with a follow up after one month.